4 Tips for Exercising at Home

4 Tips for Exercising at Home

Here are 4 tips to help you get a better workout at home:


1. Be mindful of your form.

When exercising at home, it is important to make sure you are mindful of your form. Make sure that when you are squatting or lunging, your knees don’t travel past your toes. Your at home exercises should not cause you any pain in your back, knees, shoulders or neck. If you do feel pain when performing any of your at home exercises, stop doing that movement until someone can assess your form.


2. Use equal weight in both hands.

Many of you do not have a fancy set of weights at home that you can use. When looking for items around your house to use as weights, find 2 of the exact same item. Using items that are close in weight, but not the same can create an imbalance and throw off your biomechanics. A good item to use as a weight would be sets of 2 water bottles of varying size. This will ensure that the weight you are holding is the same on both sides.


3. Set a schedule.

If you find that your workouts are taking a back seat to other tasks in your day, add it to your schedule. Write it down and don’t reschedule. Set a timer on your phone to help keep you on track.


4. Pro tip: Active Recovery.

Use this time to recover from any injuries. Focus on any rehab you were given and work on any problem areas you have. Use the time out of the gym to recover and come back better than ever.