Get Out and Ride

Get Out and Ride

Have you noticed that your back or neck hurts while you ride your bike? Some small changes can equal big results. Here are my tips to help get you out of pain while you ride your bike.


1. Neck and back pain:

If you notice that you can’t get through your ride without your back or neck starting to hurt, it could be your seat or handlebar height. Small changes can make a big difference. And remember, when making changes, try changing one thing at a time. This will help you determine where the issue is without causing other problems.


2. Bike fitting:

It is important to make sure that your bike is fit perfectly to you. This will make sure that while you ride, your neck and back are in the best possible position. This can also mitigate any knee pain you may be experiencing and help you ride more efficiently.


Pro tip:

Many of you have gotten into biking during this pandemic. If you are interested in a virtual evaluation of your bike settings and ergonomics please contact me at My goal is to help you reach your peak potential.


3. Elbows:

When you sit on your bike, make sure your elbows are bent comfortably while you are sitting and holding on to the handle bars. If your elbows are straight or you are leaning far forward to hold the handle bars, your seat is too far away. A small change like this can help reduce any arm or shoulder pain you may be feeling .