How is Your Push Up Technique?

How is Your Push Up Technique?

Push Ups might not be your favorite exercise in the gym, but how you perform your pushup can tell us a lot about your posture and which muscles might need some extra work. Next time you’re in the office, have us check your push up form.


Here are a few of the things we look for when we assess your push up technique:


How is your starting position?

Before you even start your push up, can you hold the correct starting position? Is your head in line with your shoulders and hips? Is your chest sagging between your shoulder blades? This could tell us if there is a weakness in some of the back muscles such as the Rhomboids or the Serratus Anterior.


Are you using both arms equally?

It may seem like a silly question, but it can tell us if there is one arm that is stronger than the other. If it feels like you lean on one arm as you lower, this might indicate a muscle imbalance, or a joint restriction.


I’m a beginner when it comes to push ups. Where should I start?

If you know your push up form needs some work, or you are just starting a new workout routine, here are a few tips to help build up that strength. You can start in a high plank position and slowly lower your body to the floor.

This is great if you’ve mastered the push up with your knees on the floor and are looking for a challenge.

Once you’ve lowered to the floor, reset in the high plank position. Another great option is to perform your push up at an incline by placing your hands on an exercise bench or even a wall.

These are just a few things we look for, but there are many more. Tidewater is here to help you get the most out of your workout.