How to Improve Your Squat Technique


I get many patients in my office who have injured themselves after lifting an object. Here are my tips on proper lifting techniques to help you avoid injury.


1. Lift with your legs:

It is very important to bend your knees and be mindful of your posture while lifting ( focus on engaging your core and keeping your back straight). Once you squat down to the level of what you are lifting, simply stand up by maintaining that straight back position and pushing through your legs.


2. Bend at the hip:

Make sure you are bending at the hip and knee instead of rounding your back down to reach the object you are trying to lift.

Pro tip: to test your hip hinge, find a stick roughly the length of a yard stick (A golf club works well). Hold the stick against your spine so that your head and neck are in line with your tailbone. Now practice your squat while keeping your back in line against the stick.


3. Don’t twist:

When lifting and moving an object, no matter how much it weighs, make sure you are completely standing before turning or moving. This will make sure your spine is not in a compromised position while you are lifting.