Wrist, Shoulder, Neck. Are They Connected?

shoulder pain

We see tons of people in the office every year complaining of shoulder, wrist, and hand pain.

Some of these people have even seen specialists for their pain and have run every test under the sun and have experienced no relief. One thing we like to do in this office is check all the joints around that area, even if there is no pain there. Often we find even though someone has pain in the hand, the real problem is actually in the neck.


How can my shoulder and hand pain be coming from my neck?

Great Question! All the nerves that give you feeling and help move the muscles in your arm and hand start all the way back at the neck. Sometimes, if there is pressure on those nerves in the neck, we start to see symptoms in the shoulder, arm, and sometimes all the way down to the fingers and hand.


Does it work both ways? Can my arm injury be causing my neck pain?

Absolutely! Especially if you are dealing with a shoulder injury. Many of the muscles in the shoulder are also attached to the spine and can create a chain reaction causing pain in the neck. When your arm is injured, you also tend to favor that arm and perform your everyday tasks differently and sometimes with the other arm altogether. These changes to your everyday routine might cause your neck to take on new stresses it is not used to.


What should I do?

If you are experiencing neck or arm pain, come in for an exam. We can help you determine where your pain is coming from and create a treatment plan that will help you get back to your best.